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  • Tipo di prodotto / pubblicazione: Articolo in rivista
Title: Osservare le eclisse solari dal bordo della fascia di totalità
Authors: Sigismondi, Costantino; Oliva, Pietro
Publication: Astronomia. La rivista dell’Unione Astrofili Italiani (ISSN 0392-2308), N. 3, p. 14 – 18 (maggio-giugno 2006)
Publication Date: 06/2006
Origin: ARI
Title Language: Italian
Abstract Language: English
Paper Language: Italian
ARI Keywords: Solar Eclipses, Observations
Comment: Atti del XXXVIII Congresso UAI, 15-18 settembre 2005, La Spezia. (Seconda parte) Sessione Speciale di Astrofisica Relativistica
Bibliographic Code: 2006AsUAI…3…14S


Observing Solar eclipses at the totality path limits allows to measure solar diameter variations and lunar ephemerides corrections with an accuracy of a few hundredths of arcsecond. After a review of secular variations of solar diameter, presenting the eclipses of Rome 1567, London 1715, and New York City 1925, we present the current research on this topic and the phenomena occurring on the edges of the totality path. For the forthcoming eclipses, the location of observers must be chosen after calculations of limits and simulations of bead appearances and timings. We present our example in Valoria La Buena (Spain) for the 3 October, 2005 eclipse. Small unfiltered refracting telescopes, equipped with projection screen are recommended for standard observations, in order to avoid artificial reduction in the observed solar diameter due to filtering effects. Preliminary data reductions on eclipses of 1995 India and 1998 Caribbean, and on 2004 Venus Transit are also presented.