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  • Tipo di prodotto / pubblicazione: Articolo scientifico

UHECR narrow clustering correlating IceCube through-going muons

The recent UHECR events by AUGER and the Telescope Array (TA) suggested that wide clusterings as the North and South, named Hot Spot, are related to near AGNs such as the one in M82 and Cen A. In the same frame since 2008 we assumed that the UHECR are made by light and lightest nuclei to explain the otherwise embarrassing absence of the huge nearby Virgo cluster, absence due to the fragility and the opacity of lightest nuclei by photo-dissociation from Virgo distances. Moreover UHECR map exhibits a few narrow clustering, some near the galactic plane, as toward SS 433 and on the opposite side of the plane at celestial horizons: we tagged them in 2014 suggesting possible near source active also as a UHE neutrino. Indeed since last year, 2015, highest IceCube trough-going muons, UHE up-going neutrino events at hundreds TeV energy, did show (by two cases over three tagged in North sky) the expected overlapping of UHE neutrinos signals with narrow crowding UHECR. New data with higher energy threshold somehow re-confirmed our preliminary proposal; new possible sources appear by a additional correlated UHE-neutrino versus UHE-neutrino and-or with narrow UHECR clustering events. A possible role of relic neutrino mass scattering by ZeV neutrino arised.