Le dimensioni sociologiche dello spazio e del tempo

Dimensionisociologiche dello spazio e del tempo

The sociological dimensions of space and time
Space and time are two extraordinary concepts that have always influence the life of humans and of the
There have been many notions and representations of these categories throughout history and even today it is
not possible to give a clear and absolute definition. There search continues and the arisen questions inevitably
give rise to further questions, whose answers are always partial.
It follows that absolute space and time, does not exist as time and space are the result of humans cognitive
and cultural processes in there attempt to define and interpret them-selves with conventional commonly accepted
In contemporary society, moreover, the development of information technologies has produced a significant
influence on the perceptual and representative processes of the two categories. The ease to move and communicate
gives the feeling that space and time contract until they disappear.
However, despite of all the difficulties encountered when there are questions about these two concepts, the
fact remains that space and time are central in the lives of individuals, because they influence behavior and
social relations. In fact, they represent the point of departure and arrival of a man’s journey in the search for
his identity.