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FERRI E (2013). L’individuo assoluto di Julius Evola e la critica del diritto naturale. SOCIOLOGIA, vol. 1, p. 51-62, ISSN: 0038-0156



Julius Evola (1898-1973) according to his admirers as well as his critics, is ‘by far the most important intellectualfigure for the radical right of the present day. He was the greatest exponent of Italian Dadaism, the creator of a theoryof a ‘magic idealism’, influenced by Max Stirner, later ‘the Master of Tradition’ and an advocate of a ‘spiritualconsideration of racism’. Enrico Ferri’s analysis details certain pertinent issues in Evola’s philosophy, with particular reference to the relationship between his concept of individualism and the critique of natural law.