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FERRI E (2016). el derecho de los pueblos a la vida: el caso armenio.. DERECHOS Y LIBERTADES, vol. 34, p. 31-55, ISSN: 1133-0937, doi: 10.14679/1019


To assert that all peoples have rights means acknowledging that each and every people embodies certain traits that deserve to be defended and protected. Each and every people, with its culture, language, art and traditions, etc., represents an original contribution to the history of mankind and, as a consequence, embodies the right to exist and to develop freely..Modern history, however, has seen imperialist, colonial and racist policies prevail – policies founded on
the domination of one people, or a handful of peoples, over others reduced to being mere subjects or being colonised. To deny the right of a people to life is tantamount to taking away from it freedom, autonomy and self-determination, and even to try and eliminate it physically—the case of the Jews and of the Armenians. The Armenians’ right to life, to religious identity, to autonomy
and even to their phisical survival has been under attack many times. Yet they have succeeded in preserving their identity, transforming the right to existence from mere concession to an achievement strongly defended.

Palabras clave: autonomía, libertad, nación armenia, genocidio, Vartananz
Keywords: autonomy, freedom, Armenian nation, genocide, Vartananz