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  • Tipo di prodotto / pubblicazione: Articolo in rivista

FERRI E (2017). Derecho y Religión: Convergencias y Divergencias. LAICIDAD Y LIBERTADES, vol. 17, p. 165-190, ISSN: 1696-6937

The author draws various comparisons between the legal system inspired by the monotheistic Abrahamic religion and the secular law, in particular the democratic one. A series of interpretation keys are offered, such as legal dutifulness and compulsoriness, norm justification and individual responsibility. These problems are discussed starting from the differences between the principles of the two systems (God and people) and the entities that create the above-mentioned systems: the people made up of the community of believers and the community of citizens.
This research also analyzes the ways the objectives of these two communities are set and accomplished as well as the role the two legal systems play in their realization.